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Other Places

Goan places have a wonderful scenic beauty and is world famous destination for tourists from all over the world. What fascinates people from all around the world is its food, drink, beautiful landscapes, temples, beaches, wild life, architectural heritage buildings etc.

Goa is very much famous for the beaches. All the beaches in Goa have scenic beauty and have unique features. Apart from beaches there are many other attractions that make this state natural glory such as its steamy green forests, exciting waterfalls, wildlife parks and ranges of floras and faunas.

since Goa was ruled by Portuguese for about 450 years, it has Portuguese influence in Goa’s heritage. Portuguese have left an imprint of their culture behind Goa by constructing magnificent churches and architectural heritage buildings. Goa is the depot of architectural marvels. The forts and monuments are the living testimony to Goa’s rich legacy.

Hindu temples are also in abundance.

But above all, Goa is famous for local Goan hospitality. This blog will let you know all these Goan treasures.

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