Goan Bhendi Fry (Ladyfinger Fry)

Goan Bhendi Fry (Ladyfinger Fry)

Goan Bhendi Fry (Ladyfinger Fry)

Goan Bhendi Fry (Ladyfinger Fry) is the easier and tastier dish from the Goan cuisine.

Tip: Large size ladyfinger can be first cut into two halves horizontally and then can be cut vertically.

Health Tip:

Health benefits of Ladyfinger Fry:

  • The fibre content of lady finger helps in better digestion, and regularization of bowels.
  • Another important benefit of lady finger is that it contains Vitamin C which helps in improving immunity.
    • Lady finger contains iron and folate and Vitamin K, nutrients that help in treating and avoiding anaemia.
    • The Vitamin A and beta carotene present in lady finger may be helpful in improving eyesight.

Preparation time: 10 mins

Cooking time: 10 mins

Yields: 2



Ladyfinger: 10

Turmeric: 1tspn

Red Chilly powder: ½ tspn

Oil: 2 tbspn

Salt as per taste

Semolina for frying



  • Wash and cut the ladyfinger vertically.
  • Apply salt, turmeric powder, chilly powder and keep aside for 10 mins.

IMG 2829 copy 300x225 Goan Bhendi Fry (Ladyfinger Fry)IMG 2832 copy 300x225 Goan Bhendi Fry (Ladyfinger Fry)

  • Roll over each ladyfinger in semolina /rava.
  • Shallow fry on medium flame till done.

IMG 2834 copy 300x225 Goan Bhendi Fry (Ladyfinger Fry)

  • Serve hot as a side dish with dal-rice.

IMG 2846 copy1 300x225 Goan Bhendi Fry (Ladyfinger Fry)





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